Monday, May 10, 2010

Dig Deep!!

I remember while I was in labor with Juliana, the words "Dig Deep" coming to my mind. A friend, fellow childbirth educator and Mama of two used to tell her classes this. In discussion of a unmedicated childbirth, she would talk about "transition." The stage in labor that 'all hell breaks loose.' If you have been there (sans epidural) - enough said. But for those who haven't -or those who have not experienced the pangs of labor; we describe it in class as: when you feel like you just can't go on; you want to quit; you beg for anything to make it stop (whether you voice those pleas or just hear them in your head); your body often is in revolt - tremors, shaking, chills - then hot flashes, nausea & vomiting, tunnel vision, uncontrollable urges to push, scream, moan.
In labor, this signals you are near the end. It tells you, you are ALMOST there. You are about to meet your new precious child. It is usually the hardest stage of labor, and the shortest.
It is during this time that those words entered my mind, "Dig Deep! Heather, you have got to Dig have the strength with in you!!! Dig Deep & find it!!!"
In times of trial & tribulation, our amazing Creator is calling to us. Dig Deep, I have created you & the inner strength that is in you comes from Me. I will not bring you anything you can not handle! So trust in Me, you can do this!
Sometimes the water gets so murky we can't find our way, or the outside noise is so overwhelming - we can't hear our inner voice; but this is when we must Dig Deep! Because we know it is there, our Heavenly Father created us with the strength to carry on!

It is definitely not easy, most likely not enjoyable and we usually don't ask for it. But it always manages to find us, and not when we feel 'up to it.' In fact the phrase, "when it rains, it pours," comes to mind.

So, I can hear the words echoing in my soul, becoming louder, Dig Deep! Although the pain is strong, you think you can't go on, Dig Deep! Find the Strength, it is there - I put it there. So Dig Deep!! It will be worth it!